Corporate Information

Company Profile

Company NameUniform Plaza Tokyo Co., Ltd.
EstablishedApril 1955
Capital 20 million yen
Description of business Uniform wholesale and mail-order businesses
Uniform rental business
Made-to-order uniforms
Uniform prints and embroidery process
Main bank Mizuho Bank, Yokoyama-cho Branch
Membership Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Tokyo Wholesalers
Location1-3-12 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo Japan 103-0002
Phone +81-3-3661-7851
Fax +81-3-3661-6986
Access1-minute walk from the exit No.2 of Bakurocho Station JR Sobu Rapid Line
4-minutes walk from Bakuro-Yokoyama Station on Toei Shinjuku line
5-minutes walk from the exit No.2 of Kodenmacho Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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Description of Business

We operate four core businesses centering around the wholesale trade of job uniforms.
We will provide you with uniforms best suited for you.

1. Uniform Wholesale

Used by more than 6,000 companies a year.
“Uniform Plaza Tokyo” catalog request service

You can choose the uniform from one of the 150+ types catalogs across Japan.

If you have a catalog request before 17:00 on weekdays, we can forward an appropriate catalog for your business on the day.

Our staff members are very familiar with these catalogs and can advice you on the uniform best suited for your needs.

Uniform Plaza Tokyo - Uniform catalog request website -

Through this service you can request a free uniform catalog from one of the 150+ types catalogs.

Uniform Plaza Tokyo

Showroom introduction

Our showroom includes a dressing room. Products on display center on those designed for the office. Products designed for restaurants and amusement businesses are also on show. If you contact us in advance, we will have the items you want ready. Please feel free to visit or contact us.

Head office showroom (Tokyo)
1-3-12 Nihonbashi Bakurocho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 103-0002

Flow from catalog request to purchase

Step 1.Choose a catalog (Website/Telephone/Visit)
Please choose your favorite catalog through website or by telephone. Product photos in catalogs can be seen at the website.
Step 2.Request a catalog (Website/Telephone/Fax)
Request a catalog in accordance with your line of business, business category and the intended use. If you request a catalog before 5 pm on weekdays, we will ship on the day you contact us.
Step 3.Receive a catalog
Check the contents of the catalog.

Step 4.Order uniforms (Website/Telephone/Fax)
If you place an order for uniforms for five or more people, we will accept your request for samples.
Step 5.Provide our quotation and shipping date
We will provide a quote and possible shipping date.
Step 6.Delivery and Payment (Payment is Bank transfer or pay on delivery)
After the products are delivered, please pay through bank transfer or on delivery.

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2. Uniform Mail-Order

Uniform Plaza Tokyo offers three lines of business uniforms that are available by mail order: white medical coats, estheticians uniforms and team wear.

You can buy uniforms through EC site specialized in uniforms for white medical coats, caregiver and esthetic salons.

Since we are an official store of all brands, you can buy uniforms in a careful manner.


Website for white medical coats, nurse wear, and caregiver clothes. All items exceeding 1000 are sold at wholesale prices.

White coats, nurse wear, and clothing for caregivers

This website offers uniforms designed for esthetic salons and relaxation salons. All items exceeding 1000 are sold at wholesale prices.

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3. Uniform Rental

Uniform rental at no initial cost
Customers are only charged for the number of people who wear uniforms, which eliminates further management, storage and repair costs.

Lower management costs

We will perform all management jobs such as additional purchases, storage, cleaning, and repairs for you. So the person in charge of your company can concentrate on his/her original duties.

[Advantages of uniform rental]

  • No additional purchases due to employment or resignation of employees
  • No additional purchases due to wear and tear
  • No management of uniform inventory
  • No storage cost
  • No shipping cost
  • No cleaning cost


Leveling of costs

Eliminates the need for payment of bulk purchase cost as initial cost. Cost of additional purchases and costs for purchasing spares are not required. A charge for the number of uniforms worn is made monthly.

Improves the company image

When a contract is renewed, the existing uniforms are replaced with new ones. So uniforms can be renewed on a regular basis.

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4. Made-to-Order Uniforms

Our experienced uniform consultant casts your desire into tangible form.

Made-to-order uniforms are important as they become the face of the customer. Since uniforms with high fashionability and functionality are sought, high skills and experiences are required to make them.

Our uniform consultants are specialists who have more than 10 years of experience making uniforms.

We have been making made-to-order uniforms designed for a variety of lines of business and business categories. For original uniforms and any kind of uniforms, please contact us.

Flow of manufacturing made-to-order uniforms

Step 1.Research / Analysis
Information including opinions and situations of customers is collected.
Step 2.Concept design
Using research results, form, color and material are selected after repeated communications with you.
Step 3.Presentation
Based on design sketches, we propose a design drawing you want.

Step 4.Sample creation
We will determine specifications that will satisfy you from specialist’s perspective.
Step 5.Production and inspection
We will conduct a thorough inspection of the product including the aspects of fashionability and quality.
Step 6.Delivery and after sale care
We will deliver uniforms that passed inspection to you. We promise to provide you with after sale care services after inspection.

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For inquiry, order and catalog request,

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